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I wanted change but felt very unsure where to start …

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When I started my life coaching with Julie, I knew I wanted to achieve change in my profession but felt very unsure about what it was exactly that I wanted to achieve and how. After just the first session, I had a very clear goal and a much better understanding of how I might start along the path of reaching it. Six sessions later, I feel like a completely different person, equipped with everything I needed to achieve my goal and the confidence to go about doing it.

I now understand and acknowledge my strengths, which has given me confidence. I know what it is I want to achieve, which has given me the drive and ownership to go for it. I have an updated CV which I feel proud of, and confidence to go out and use, alongside an elevator pitch to help me in networking situations. My greatest achievement however, is feeling more present and engaged with my own life – being conscious of the now and celebrating my achievements, through the tips and tools Julie gave me. Thanks to the life coaching sessions I have had with Julie, I feel like I know exactly where I am going, what I want to achieve and the ability to recognise when I have achieved it.

Julie is incredibly professional, compassionate, personable and approachable – I felt like I was talking to friend. The support Julie offered me has been invaluable, and she went above and beyond to help me keep moving in the right direction – making herself available to me even outside of our sessions as well for words of encouragement or reviewing work I had done.

The wonderful thing I learnt about life coaching, is that I realised I already had all the answers I needed in order to effect change in my life, but I just needed someone to ask me the right questions.

Thank you so much Julie for everything you have done to support me – it came at exactly the right time for me and gave me the boost I needed to turn my dreams into actions.



Global Programs Manager

I’ve found an idea I’m passionate about and an action plan for the future which is hugely empowering …

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Throughout the entire process, Julie was extremely personable, considerate and compassionate. It was very easy to develop a quick rapport with her and she put me at ease immediately.

She very much placed the onus on me to do the thinking and acted as a helpful facilitator to allow me to bring my thoughts and ideas to the fore.

Julie was particularly effective at challenging me around some of the negative patterns of behaviour and thinking that have held me back over the years. She encouraged me to consider situations in a more positive light and wasn’t put off by my stubbornness.

From having my coaching sessions with Julie, I have now found an idea that I am passionate about and a plan of action for the future, which is hugely empowering.

I actively looked forward to my sessions with Julie and came away from them feeling motivated.

I would not hesitate to recommend Julie to anyone who needs coaching.




Working with Julie has meant I’ve been able to hit my short-term goals, with a plan for reaching my long term ones that will put me in a even stronger position!

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Working with Julie over the past 6 months as a coach has been a unique experience which has put me in a much better position than I thought possible. I explained my goals and challenges, Julie was able to coach me through them and talk to me about the different ideas I had.

She has so much knowledge and is able to help me unpack the seemingly undoable!

Working with Julie has meant I’ve been able to hit my short-term goals, with a plan for reaching my long term ones that will put me in a even stronger position!



Fund Raising Director

Increasing my confidence and focusing on preparation …

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My time with Julie was really useful as I was going through the rather lengthy process of looking for a new job as the contract role I had been in had finished. It came at a bit of a low point personally as self-doubt had a bit of a hold at that point. Julie was fantastic in, I think recognizing that and guiding me toward focusing on the positives in my employment history and skill set. She then went on to provide invaluable assistance in interview preparation techniques both intellectually (research of company, hiring manager etc), as well as physical and emotional, something I had overlooked to my detriment in interviews up to that point.

Overall Julie was excellent and I think it’s probably no small coincidence that successfully finding a new job came as our sessions together reached their conclusion. I would thoroughly recommend taking Julie on as a coach if you are in need of a bit of support in your professional life.



Fund Manager

Julie has guided me on getting my confidence back and appreciating myself …

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Julie surprises me on so many different levels, I am constantly bewildered on how fast she gets to the core of my values and beliefs, whilst seeing all the positives I have achieved.

I am from a corporate background in banking, I feel she is the perfect fit in coaching me, Julie understands the challenges I have faced and the pressures of the environments within top tier organisations where I worked previous to having my daughter.

Julie has guided me in getting my confidence back and appreciating myself which I’m so grateful for. I have overcome many of my fears and feel excited about the future thanks to Julie.

I would recommend Julie to any individual and corporation she has the right balance of being personable yet professional.



Financial Advisor

My confidence has grown immeasurably since starting the coaching course and I’m now able to face new obstacles without abnormal fear or anxiety …

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Julie started by helping me define some goals and plot a journey.

This helped define my future path in relation to my business and as a result clarified certain areas of my personal life too.

Some of the exercises we completed have really provided a different focus for me, and I have learned certain mindshift techniques to stop my self-sabotage.

I have felt energised and motivated after each of our sessions, and this has helped as I have been able to work on my self-motivation based on what we have worked on.

My confidence has grown immeasurably since starting the coaching course, and I am now able to face new obstacles without abnormal fear or anxiety.

I am going to miss the sessions that I have with Julie, she has maintained a professional and courteous disposition throughout our sessions together, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others in need of coaching.