What’s your reputation score?

Discover how well your  reputation stacks up and what’s needed to attract new opportunities

Your reputation can take years to build and seconds to lose.

Reputation is what other’s say about you when you’re not in the room.

It’s what you want to be known for and what makes people chose you.

And so if you’re:

  • Struggling to talk about your achievements and missing out on opportunities
  • Watching other people succeed and wondering why it’s  not happening for you – in spite of all your hard work
  • Frustrated because you’re not heard in meetings and stand by while other people present your ideas
  • Long for the spotlight yet worry but don’t know how to get the attention
  • Want to make an impact but you’re struggling to connect with your audience

It’s time to stop wondering why you’re not getting to where you want to be. Let me help you be the first choice.

What is Responsive Reputation?

When your reputation is strong and your professional relationships are aligned with your key stakeholders, you’re prepared and in a position to respond, rather than react, effortlessly in any event.

Responsive Reputation™ is a system that helps professionals respond authentically, responsibly and with ease in any situation, including a crisis.




The strategy session

Will give you clarity about how your reputation is helping/harming you and a plan for making the most of it


1 x 30 minute in person preparation call 

1 x 1 hour in-person strategy session

Stand out from the crowd

Good for professionals who want to increase their visibility, circle of influence, make a career change. Ace the job or media interview

1 x 1 hour in person session

5 x 45 minute in person sessions

Free online access in between sessions

Free coaching tools


Leading during change

 For professionals who want to build resilience, effectively manage business and people, communicate effectively with all audiences 

1 x 90 minute in person session

 12 x 45 minute in person sessions

 Free online access in between sessions 

1 x 15 minute brainstorm

 Free coaching tools


 Personality profile and feedback session

 3 x 15 minute “Solutions in the chaos” sessions


Julie has helped me gain absolute clarity on what I want to achieve…

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I have really enjoyed working with Julie over the last 3 months. She is easy to get along with and has created a safe space for me to be able to press pause on the noise of life and focus solely on my goals. Her encouragement and support have without doubt helped me gain the confidence to take the actions I wanted to and needed to in order to move forward.

In the times when my thoughts have been muddled, she has helped me untangle them with insightful and thought provoking questions. She has helped me gain absolute clarity on what I want to achieve and as a result I am so much further forward than I ever had imagined I could be. Thank you Julie.



Julie helped me realise how much my job linked to other areas of my life …

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During our time working together I found it was not just work we spoke about but Julie helped me realise how much my job linked to other areas of my life and that for me a career was far more holistic than just my job.

I started out unsure of what to expect and quickly found Julie challenged me, making me more self-aware and therefore able to identify my priorities. She facilitated the headspace I needed to realise that I knew what I wanted all along and just needed the tools to understand how to get there. From starting off wanting to leave my job to feeling so excited and driven about my dreams 6 sessions later, I really felt Julie helped me re-frame my thinking and therefore become much happier and clearer in what I was doing.

I continue to feel so inspired from working with Julie and would highly recommend working with her to anyone.


Account Director

Julie has this uncanny ability to ask the right questions and push me so that I find solutions …

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Julie has this uncanny ability to ask the right questions and push me so that I find solutions to my problems myself. In particular, I have:

  • Increased my self-awareness on my work environment and how it impacts my levels of energy, motivation and effectiveness, especially at the beginning of the work day.
  • Analysed my Work-life balance, presence at home, stress that I take home with me and understanding the impact of stress in my personal life for my effectiveness at work.
  • The necessity to celebrate small successes on a road where projects have long delivery time.
  • Realized the importance of finding out what energizes me in the morning, how to achieve interaction with other people, especially at the beginning of the work day, and how to work around the fact that my colleagues all are in a different time zone from me.
  • Started to address my procrastination by finding little tricks on how to get started quicker, overcoming the morning hurdle. I still feel that this is where I have to do a lot more.

HR Solutions Manager