The strategy session 

If you’re stuck and feel as if you’re ‘settling’ but you’re not clear where to start. Or perhaps you’re facing change and need clarity about whether your reputation is helping you or harming you.  You know something needs to happen or change but you’re so close, you can’t see the wood for the trees? My strategy session is the rocket fuel you need to get started right now! You’ll be motivated, confident, and so clear about your direction you’ll stop settling for something that doesn’t fit anymore. Your vision and plan will gain you the acknowledgement and visibility that’s going to make the difference between you having the career and life you want, or being a bystander and watching other people get the opportunities that would change your life.


What’s included: 

  • 1 x 30 minute in person preparation call 
  • 1 x 1 hour in person strategy session

Stand out from the crowd

If you are ready for a new opportunity but you’re being overlooked and not getting where you want to be  –  this is the package for you. It will help you take a strategic approach  to building your reputation and relationships and give you the boost you need to start creating measurable results. Working together, you’ll decide what success looks like for you and you’ll work through a programme focused on the results you want to see.  Your customised coaching sessions are designed to fit your goals and schedule. They’re ready to use instantly. You’ll have access to coaching tools that support your progress and I’ll be available for additional online check-in’s. Best of all – I’ll remind you to celebrate those milestones! 


What’s included: 

  • 1 x 1 hour in person session
  • 5 x 45 minute in person sessions
  • Free online access in between sessions
  • Free coaching tools
  • Feedback/Homework

    Leading during change


    Designed for the pro-active leader who wants to be prepared for a crisis event. You’ll learn how to build reslience while managing the business and the people. Identify and focus on risks. You’ll discover how to leverage your unique strengths and knowledge to effectively communicate with your target audiences during this critical time. And for those times when you need clear space to think – I’ll be beside you to help you discover ‘solutions in the chaos.’ 

    What’s included:

    • 1 x 90 minute in person initial strategy session

    • 12 x 45 minute in person sessions

    • Free online access between sessions

    • 1 x 15 minute brainstorm session

    • Free coaching tools

    • Feedback/Homework

    • Personality profile and feedback session

    • 3 x 15 minute ‘solutions in the chaos’ sessions

    Ready to Get Started?


    What kind of people use a reputation & business coach?

    Professionals who think they aren’t reaching their potential and feeling fulfilled. Who know there is a gap between where they are now and where they want to be.  Professionals who feel stuck or are overwhelmed by making big decisions and want to get started on change. Who are ready to face new challenges and be accountable for what they want and how they attain it. Professionals who want to develop in a positive, non-judgemental and empowering environment.

    Who uses a reputation & business coach?

    Astronauts, Accountants, Authors, Bankers, Barristers, Bloggers, Corporations, Doctors, Dentists, Daughters, Editors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Fashionistas, Instagrammers, Leaders, Love Island personalities, Managers, Mums, News Broadcasters, Nurses, Politicians, Project Managers, Retirees, Stylists, TV Personalities, University Graduates, University students, Vloggers, Wine makers …. anyone who is ready for change and wants to achieve it!


    Who else will know what we've talked about?

    No-one! Our sessions are completely confidential and records are safely and securely stored.